White label 3d software, for printer manufacturers

Your printer needs proper 3D Software to prepare print jobs. A well prepared printjob results in shorter printing times, better print quality and less post processing. All highly valued by your customer.

Proper 3D Software can be a challenge to develop due to many interacting fields of play:

  • 3D Mathematics
  • User interaction from 2D Mouse to 3D Coordinates
  • Graphics card interaction (OpenGL code)
  • CPU performance for slicing and mesh processing
  • Reliable fault tolerant slicing
There are some software frameworks out there to simplify some of these development tasks but they often limit software development as well.

Since 2014 we are developing a 3D Print job preparation package to get the perfect print job. Initially for our in house printers but later also for printer manufacturers around the world. Let us help you succeed with your 3d printer and our software package!

Our white label program delivers you a industrial grade slicing and print job preparation software to be sold along with your machine. The software can be tailored in your colors, name and logo.

Your benefits:
  1. Reliable proven software
  2. Online machine manager
  3. License management
  4. Complete white label look
  5. Very quick setup

Formware 3D as white label

A powerful slicer and supporter software package for your printer.