Waxjet 1. a new wax 3d printer

Traditional jewelry making works by first creating a master model, then a mold and consequently around 100-400 multiple before the mold runs out. A process that needs 2 casting cycles and has it’s limitations on the moldability of a shape.

Waxjet is an innovative new 3d printer designed specifically for casters, foundries & larger jewelry stores. It goal is to make traditional wax model multiplication with molds unnecessary by driving the price per piece down and the speed of 3d printing up.

The machine prints at a resolution of 1000 dpi (25mu) and a layer height of 15mu. The build table has a size of around 18x18cm. An average full build with +/- 30 rings will take around 6 hours to complete. No need for molds any longer.

Waxjet. The new way of printing for foundries

The machine is expected to be ready for ordering early 2018.